Greenway Manor and Ellicott City Assisted Living caring and making a difference...
Greenway Manor and Ellicott City Assisted Living caring and making a difference...

Our Services: Living Almost Like at Home

Whether it's helping with the little things of daily life as a senior or a high degree of attention and care - our work always focuses on the people who need attention and care. They are entitled to a life under decent conditions and adapted to their lifestyle habits. Esteem, respect, understanding and sensitivity all shape how our qualified and dedicated  staff deal with residents, thus creating a trusting and personal relationship.

Overview of Our Home and Services

Assisted Living


Our Caring and Sensitive Staff who loves to serve Seniors are readily available 24/7. We make a huge difference, we all love what we do.  It's a passion for us; it's our promise to you.


Our residents and their families feel at peace knowing that our home does not just provide a place to live, but creates an atmosphere where there are things to do, friendships to make, and where a positive vibrant energy is a way of life.


Short-term / Respite Care


If you need to travel or become sick yourself, we can also provide gentle and comprehensive care of your family members in need of care for a short period.


Our Dementia Care

People who suffer from dementia in their senior years need special attention and help.  Our dementia care philosophy and attitude is different from other facilities. We do not encourage the use of medications to make a resident more docile, but we would rather interact and engage our dementia residents with care and compassion.



Gentle care around the clock: Our qualified staff provide care for the elderly at levels I to III.


Do You Have Any Questions?

We are happy to assist,

you can contact us at:


Greenway Manor

2913 Greenway Drive
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Phone: (443) 812-5415 or

(410) 696-2844
Fax: (410) 696-2844


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Ellicott City Assisted Living

2970 St. Johns Lane 

Ellicott City, MD 21042

Phone: (443) 812-5415 or

(410) 480-3225
Fax: (410) 465-6498

Visit Us

We invite you to visit Greenway Manor and Ellicott City Assisted Living (ECAL) anytime. We encourage families and friends to visit our residents. You may also arrange for a tour from the owner any weekday or weekend.





At Greenway Manor Assisted Living and Ellicott City Assisted Living, we place our residents health and safety above all else.  

During this coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency, we are doing everything we can to protect our residents and staff.



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